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I am a simple person believing in simplicities of life. I love crafting and experimenting all sort of crafts- some I succeed and some come out to be total disasters...:P but i still love them all. I attempt to share my creations and crafty knowledge with you all and hope you enjoy your stay at my blog. Love all, Hate none is my way of living. If you like my work and wanna talk about it, I can be reached at justlovecraftsblog(at) xx

Won Itsy Bitsy Tricolor Challenge

Won Itsy Bitsy Tricolor Challenge

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Floral Creations!! - 3 types of roses :)

Hey all bloggy friends,

I was fiddling through the images in my craft folder and saw these flowers scattered all over..:P and I thought it would be nice to share them with you.
The interesting thing is that all of them are particularly roses (I love roses btw!!!). I have made more flowers but these are the ones I am particularly fond of :)
Ok! I won't bore with long stories, here is the first set of roses I made using Folded Rose technique. This is displayed nicely here. Although I really don't remember the actual tutorial :( but the one I have provided is really good too :).
I used them on a greeting card but they didn't fit really well on the flat surface of the card as their backs are quite protruding to use them on plain surface..I guess they can be used nicely when used in a cluster with backs facing each other..:)

Ok!! Now the second one (I am actually going in the order of their making!!)... This is also a paper rose but crepe paper rose. I learned this with hit-and-trial and I guess I haven't been able to do it very well till now, as the first rose (which I made with utmost patience and care!!!) came out well....but my second attempt was not all that great :P..anyways this is the first one...

I later dusted it with a silver glitter spray and in order to show the effect of the glitter took a horrible picture... :P
Now! I am sorry I will not be able to provide you with a tutorial to make these roses as I didn't find one myself (if you know one, please do post it to me in comments..much appreciated!)...basically I saw a rose just like this one (but much neater!! :P) in a street fair in London created by a lovely lady whose shop was stocked with roses of these kinds but in much bigger sizes and prettier colors. I couldn't help asking the method to make these and she was kind enough to give me a brief about making petals...however, the silly me didn't have the required supplies and so I waited till my next craft shopping trip to buy them..which came almost two months later.....And as you can expect, I had forgotten half of the details by then and ultimately made it using hit-and-trial...

However, one of my really good friends loved this rose and gave me an order to create a same i guess it was not such a bad attempt :)

And finally, I would like to share my latest set of quilled spiral roses. Here, have a look-
I have made them last month for some special reason which I would share very soon ;) I love these roses so much that I made some more of them....
I just love making them and just looking at them cheers me up in the worst of my moods too :)
I hope they cheered you up too :) :)

Will be back soon with more crafty titbits!!
Just Love Crafts xx


  1. Wow Priyanka, Pretty gorgeous n colorful creations.



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