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I am a simple person believing in simplicities of life. I love crafting and experimenting all sort of crafts- some I succeed and some come out to be total disasters...:P but i still love them all. I attempt to share my creations and crafty knowledge with you all and hope you enjoy your stay at my blog. Love all, Hate none is my way of living. If you like my work and wanna talk about it, I can be reached at justlovecraftsblog(at) xx

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Won Itsy Bitsy Tricolor Challenge

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Comeback....

Hello everyone,

Its been 5 months (exact 5 months!!!) to my last post...not at all signs of a good blogger. I know! :-/
But that doesn't mean that I have been away from crafting or was away to some inaccessible island, its just, that there were things happening in and around me that kept me on the edge and I was sooo occupied that I couldn't take out time for blogging..But now I want to make 'A Comeback'..and not just any comeback but a proper and a sustainable comeback which means, more crafting, more posting, more blogging!! :P (Well, I hope so at least!)

However, before moving on to the crafty talk, let me update you quickly with the things that kept me busy,

The first and the most important being - MARRIAGE...Yes!! I am married now! I am still trying to sink in this fact though :P but yes, I am happily married to the person I wanted to be with and life has been a joyride since then. Planning a wedding that too of your own is one Gigantic task, you want everything to be nice, pretty, perfect and its ohh soo not easy!! I am sure, most of my married readers agree to the fact, so yes I was fixed in December and got married in February :D so you must have have imagined that it was almost impossible to pay attention to anything else...Lol!! ;)

The next big thing that kept me away from my beloved blog was the BIG SHIFT..In less than a year I moved to third it went like UK-->India--> Singapore..It meant moving my whole world (esp with the cartons full of craft things which I bought from UK, then used in India, then packed back to leave in a safe condition!!) it took a lot of time and packing and packing and packing...
So yes! I am in Singapore now, where my hubby is working and I am simply enjoying my life... :-D and that is when I am actually able to get back to blogging and update everything I have done so far in these 5 months.

Thus, in order to make it a true comeback, I am planning to start a 'Comeback' series on this blog which will include posts about the works I have done in the last 5 months and so on. Of course, I will be uploading my fresh works and ideas too, but a comeback series was a must.

**P.S- my laptop is away for repair which has all my crafty pics and I didn't have them separately (unfortunately and stupidly of me :((( ) so it will take me some time to start the comeback series, but meanwhile I will be happy to upload my latest works**

So, please keep reading and expect lots of crafty posts in the coming time..

Love to all

Just Love Crafts xx


  1. wish you happy marrie an crafty life priyanka.seen your marriage pics on FB.all are lovely.

  2. I gotta feeling...oo hooo.. That you need a brand new laptop...that you really need a brand new laptop...


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