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Won Itsy Bitsy Tricolor Challenge

Won Itsy Bitsy Tricolor Challenge

Monday, June 4, 2012

Comeback series 3 - Neha's Exhibition

Hello Everyone,Here I am back again with one more update on my comeback series. This one is about a friend's exhibition. Well, she was holding her first craft's exhibition in her office and being her first time, she was really nervous. I offered a little help and took up the quilling part. She wanted to put some shadow boxes for the exhibition, so I offered to fill them up with quilling :). Neha, this post is based on the work I did for your exhibition.
*Neha is an amazing crafter and her blog is a must visit-*
That's how I started. She made these beautiful shadow boxes using heavy weight pastel sheets and 6x6 patterned papers. Now my task was to fill them up with quilling in different forms.
On her request I made my this butterfly again and it fitted perfectly in one of her shadow boxes. The quilling strips she gave me were 5 mm and of shiny texture so this butterfly came out beautifully.
Although I made this shadow box in the last as I couldn't really figure out what to make and I had to return her the completed shadow boxes the next day, while watching tv, this idea struck me. Also, much to my amusement the color of the shadow box and the patterned paper at the base gave a sea like effect. So I decided to make a bubbly and colorful fish (don't ask me what fish it is lol!!). You can see this fish here at her blog. She entered them in a few challenges and I am soo happy that it even won a place. :)
This shadow box is very close to me as I enjoyed the most while making it. It is a layered flower in 2 colors and complimented the color and background of shadow box very much. In fact, this shadow box was the first one to get sold and she got another order for the same which we happily made together. She featured this shadow box on her blog here.
I like this shadow box a lot as well. Not only I love the bright color of the shadow box but also because it was a challenge to make something that will stand out against such a bright color. But it came out well and I was satisfied. This shadow box is featured at Neha's blog here.
This final shadow box served more as a display tray for these little cake and pastry miniatures which I managed to make as I assumed that they will definitely fascinate people as they are entirely made of paper and I so hope they did. Since guests were not allowed in her office during the exhibition timings, I could not attend myself but I am glad I could help and my quilling reached people in some way or other.
Finally, I made this fairy on Neha's request.. we were browsing through the quilling book I have - 'Beautiful Quilling' and she loved the pretty fairy. At first I was wary and wasn't really sure if I will be able to make this one. But I am so glad I tried this as it came out really well.I just struggled with the hair part but it was looking fine in the end. Neha used this fairy to craft a beautiful b'day card and it can be seen here.
I made one more card based on new year theme. She made the entire background. I just did quilling over it. I will upload a picture of it from my laptop (right now using hubby's laptop). But it can be seen here on her blog.

Well, I am sure this is one of the longest post so far :P and you enjoyed looking at all the pictures and reading little stories behind them. I am glad I could help a fellow crafter with her exhibition and thankful to her as I tried so many things for the first time. Her exhibition definitely gave me an opportunity to exlpore and come out of my comfort zone in quilling and try different things.

Now I am tired and will go eat Do leave me your precious comments.
Just Love Crafts xx


  1. Oh I hadnt realized you quilled all these beauties even though I had seen them at Neha's blog[I dont read the small type at times!!]

    1. Lol, no no Dr Sonia, its not your was added much later to the posts that I created them (u must have seen them before when my name was not added) was totally unintentional though...happens to all of us..:)
      And I really could not post on my blog at that time..but better late than never...:) :)

  2. you did an awesome job with your quilling, there all wonderful,your friends frames are awesome to,and glad the show went well!!

    1. Thank you always your words are great encouragement..:)

  3. Hmm..i am really thankful to u Priyanka...u really helped me a lot that time.. :)
    love u for that :)

  4. Hi,

    The idea of your shadow box is great. I always wanted to know the kind of sheets to be used for the frames. Ur blog has given me lots of ideas. Thank u.

    Indu Jaisimha


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