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Won Itsy Bitsy Tricolor Challenge

Won Itsy Bitsy Tricolor Challenge

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Framed Shadow box - Do it Yourself Quilled frames!! Part 1

Hello Everyone,

We all love to do quilling or to make a dimensional project but only after it has finished that we realise that we gotta protect it from getting dusty or faded and worst..crushed. 
Traditional picture frames can protect our beloved memories in form of pictures but cannot unfortunately accommodate the dimension caused by quilling. And the custom made frames are just so expensive that it isn't feasible on the pocket.

After a lot of thinking and getting inspiration from our contemporary crafters and quillers I have come up with the idea of making your own shadow boxes and then 'framing' it in your own crafty way. 

We all are well acquainted with the frame/shadow box template Inna has shared with us all in her blog. For those who haven't seen, they can see it here. It is this very template that I have modified to suit my purpose of having a shadow box. I used A4 size sheets I had for quite some time which were too thick to be shredded into quilling strips and made these shadow boxes I knew I wanted to do quilling in.
I made square boxes with the help of scorpal and each side is about half inch wide. I have also attached a square piece of handmade paper at the base to prepare a nice background for my quilling. I have made about 7 of them and I will be displaying each one in a separate post as each of them is very special with their own special story. :)

Making Frames- This is the part where you need to use your creativity. In order to make the frame, we need to use something such as thin acrylic sheet or an OHP sheet which will serve as the 'glass' of the frame protecting our creation underneath it and of course a boundary holding our faux 'glass'. Something like this-
It might not be clearly visible here but if you open the image and zoom you can certainly see the thin acrylic sheet I have used along with the paper frames.
Now I know that these paper frames are looking bland like this, so yeah, put your crafting skills to use and apart from decorating the interior of the frame you now get to decorate the exterior of the frame as well. 
I made a shadow box with quilling inside and decorated the exterior as well sans quilling. have a look-
 Step 1 - A simple shadow box with quilling which I would like to frame and protect.
 Step 2 - I made a simple frame, with acrylic sheet and decorated the frame with simple embellishments and twine only because I was not liking the plain bland look. At the same time I have tried that the decoration shouldn't be overpowering your design on the inside as that is what you really wish to show off.
Step 3 - I used a simple tape runner adhesive at the back of the frame to stick it to the front of my shadow box and Voila! we have a framed shadow box with quilling.

Wont't it make a beautiful gift to anyone? It is light as a feather and hence proves perfect to be put on walls or fridge with some magnets attached behind. Just use your creativity.

I have already thanked Inna for her tutorial for shadow box. I would also like to thank Pritesh as the idea clicked when I saw her dustproof boxes. You can find her dustproof box tutorial here.

Well, this is just one box, but I have made 5-6 more. Please keep checking as I will be uploading more soon along with more ideas to make the border of the frame and also decorate it.

Once again, don't forget to let me know your precious comments about this creation.

Love all 
Just Love Crafts xx


  1. Simple, effective! Pri,you're on a roll :)

  2. Thank you Pritzy :)You are an inspiration to many including ME :D

  3. awesome... too good.. :)


  4. Priyanka, bravo. very very pretty.
    you know, there was this spring cleaning exercise going on in office and a bunch of (obsolete) ohp sheets were being discarded. I jumped in and picked up an armful knowing that an opportunity would present itself.
    and it has. thanks, gurl.

  5. Shanthi, is that really you? Great to find you on the blogosphere, dearie.

  6. Lovely!!! You have done with so much style too.

  7. Thank you Shanthi, Roopa, Natasha and Suganthi..Much appreciated..:)

  8. That's a really amazing idea. thanks for sharing. i'll surely give it a try

  9. What a great idea!
    I will definately give it a go.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Love & Freedom

  10. Thank you Rashi and Anama..I am glad you liked :)

  11. That's a really nice idea Priyanka... Even We have made the frames following Inna's tutorial but were worried how to cove them and then just covered them with cellophane sheet...
    Your Idea of doing it with OHP sheet is great...!

    Tanu & Teju

    1. Thank you :) I am glad I could help in any way :)

  12. Very ice idea I will definitely try it
    Thanks for the tutorial it helps fellow crafters a lot specially who are in learning journey
    Still lot to learn


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